Monday, July 19, 2010

An end to homeschooling for now :(

I don't know if anyone is still reading my blog at this point since I have not blogged since the first of April. Anyway, we have new plans in our life and that includes me going to work full-time as much as I can. So, therefore, we will no longer be homeschooling at this time. I am both sad and excited about this new venture. My son will start Kindergarten at the local public school in town. I will become a substitute teacher at the elementary he will be attending. I didn't plan on things working out this way but for some reason God has a plan! I will follow His plan until He changes it.

I am hoping while I am a substitute teacher that I can change some lives of children and be an advocate and a person that they can rely on and come to when needed. I love the whole act of caring for and nurturing children so I think this will be a good job for me and I hope to be a good role model for young children. I am also hoping that my son will make the transition to public school with ease. He really wanted to homeschool but he seems to have adjusted to the change of plans.

I guess I will need to change my title of this blog to Kristy's Publicschooling/Subtitute Teaching blog. LOL!

I hope the best of everything for all of you fellow homeschoolers and I will try to keep this blog updated with the happenings of my son's public school life and my substitute teaching adventures.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We studied about the life cycle of a bumblebee again today. I blew up a yellow balloon and then put black tape on the balloon to resemble the bee stripes and then we put eyes and antennea on the balloon too. It made a very cute bee! I then read a poem about the honeybee while David acted it out with his balloon honeybee. David practiced his phonics all the way up to letter W. He is really starting to get his sounds and associate them with words. It is really neat to see how they progress and slowly learn this process. David also played some PBS games on the computer that helped him with some alphabet and addition and subtraction. We will be making some Spring cupcakes today which will be a learning process all in itself and I will have David count the number of cupcakes we made and also help with the measuring and other baking and cooking parts. It has been a fun day with our homeschool today. I hope all of you have a nice day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Magic School Bus Monday

We are studying insects and bugs again this week which we are enjoying very much. The Magic School Bus books are being used quite frequently lately for all of our Science studies. We are reading the Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive today and learning about the life cycle of a honeybee. It is very intersting. David is practicing is upper and lower case E's today and doing some phonics review as usual. The number 20 is what David is learning today and he will try to count by 10s today too. I am talking about community again today with David and telling him the different jobs people do in our community. We are also going to cut off the top of a carrot and then put it in water to see how it will grow. David's carrots and peas he planted are doing very well. He will be checking on their growth today. For arts and crafts, we will make a butterfly out of a paper towel, clothespin, watercolor paints, and pipe cleaner. When it is done we will hang it on a curtain in the kitchen or bedroom. We will also be looking for more butterflies today. I love Spring! Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Butterflies and Beautiful sunshine

Hi everyone! It is so nice outside today. The sun is shining and Spring is most definitely here to stay. We did some alphabet review today all the way up to letter V. David did some tracing work in his workbooks. We are also learning about metamorphasis with a butterfly. It is really neat to watch the process although we have never seen it in real life, only read about it in books. I would love to catch a caterpillar and watch the whole process from beginning to end. Maybe we will be able to do that this spring and summer. We are actually going to try and catch a butterfly today and examine it and then release it back into nature. David glued some macaroni noodles on some construction paper for his arts and crafts today. For P.E. we went outside and did some competition with each other to see who could throw the tennis ball the farthest. My son beat me each time! He is really good at throwing. That is it for today. I will see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We are playing catch up today

I didn't post yesterday as I had a doctor's appointment and was unable to post until today about yesterday. So, I am playing catch up with my blog and homeschooling. We will be doing some review today with our alphabet and numbers as usual. David will use fingerpaints to paint his alphabet letters. We are starting to learn vowels and will be singing a vowel song today to help reinforce the vowel letters. We are also learning about insects and bugs this week. David will be learning the short "a" vowel sound and practicing words with the sound also. David will also learn about communities and what makes up a community. We will read some books on butterflies and moths. We can actually go outside today and look for bugs and butterlies since it is finally Spring! Yay! I just saw a butterfly this morning so it will be nice to get outside and enjoy the weather too. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back from Spring Break

Yay! We are back home from our Spring Break and we had a nice time. I am glad to be back to a routine and doing our homeschooling and blogging again. Today, we did some flash card review of the alphabet. I had David match up his uppercase letters with the lowercase using the flash cards. We also went outside and used sidewalk chalk to draw a hopscotch. David numbered it all the way up to 19. This was great in helping him count his numbers. We also picked up trash in our yard to show how we are supposed to protect our planet and keep it clean. David did some workbook pages too on numbers and letter and matching uppercase to lowercase and also filling in the missing alphabet letter. He also practiced his phonics. We did some arts and crafts and made a centipede out of a egg carton that I had saved. We cut out construction paper in strips and make the millions of legs for it that way. It was a nice day and the weather is absolutely beautiful outside. See all of you tomorrow.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

Hi everyone! We are celebrating Spring Break this week. We left this past Friday for Cedar Key and returned on Sunday so that is why I did not post on Friday. We will be leaving in the morning for Daytona with my mom. So, I will take my laptop and maybe post while I am there. We are going to relax and enjoy the beach for three day. I will still be doing some homeschool with David but it will be more or less hit and miss stuff. Today, we have have been preparing for our trip by packing our suitcases and washing clothes and cleaning the house. So, there was no homeschool today. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.