Monday, January 25, 2010

No school today

Today we did not do homeschool because my daughter was off from public school so we decided to take the day off too so we could go and do some things with her for the day. We had a really nice day park hopping. The weather was beautiful. We got some take out food from High Springs and then came home just awhile ago to eat and relax at home. I will be back to my regular homeschool post tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful day.


  1. Wow! I wish I had your yesterday! We also had no school, but it was due to the need to travel to Orange Park on business...Hopefully we will get our work done today. I have to say : I really like your idea of "park hopping." And I think it is great to take off from your homeschooling when she is off from public school...a lot of homeschooling parents do that! Can't wait to hear about your today! Blessings, Laura

  2. Thanks Miss Laura and Miss Melissa. We did have a fun day and it was nice to take a day off for a change.