Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sun and other things

Today we are learning about the sun and how it is a part of our solar system. We will read a book on the sun and the solar system. We will continue to practice the alphabet while concentrating on the uppercase and lowercase letters. We will practice our addition too. Our papier-mache earth is still drying so we will paint it tomorrow with blue paint for the oceans and lakes and green paint for the land. We will also learn how God created the animals on the sixth day of creation and how they are very important to us. Today is a rather slow day in our homeschool. I will see everyone tomorrow.


  1. We tried that paper mache one time. It was way too messy for me. We haven't tried again.

  2. Yes, I agree it is very messy. I had a lot of clean-up to do last night after making the papier-mache globe. LOL!