Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Abraham Lincoln

We continued our study about Abraham Lincoln today by reading in the book I checked out from the library. It was very interesting to learn that both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were both homeschooled! We found Kentucky and Indiana on the globe and learned how Lincoln traveled from both states by horse and buggy. David practiced his letter phonics and number counting. He also did some worksheet pages on numbers and letters. We also visited the Branford library this afternoon and saw a Police K-9 demonstration. It was very educational for both David and I and Rebecca. That was pretty much our day and I hope to have some warmer weather here soon in Florida. Take care everyone.


  1. I love the story of Abraham Lincoln, and DJ is quite fascinated with him. I recorded from the history channel President stories. We have not had a chance to watch them yet, but we will.

  2. Oh neat! I would love to see the videos you have recorded on the presidents. Sounds interesting. You find the neatest things Ms. Melissa. You are a walking resource!