Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Insects and bugs

Today, we learned about different types of insects and bugs and how an insect has three body parts, six legs, and usually has compound eyes. We made a "bug jar" and we plan on going for a bug walk tomorrow to see how many bugs we cand find. We will also go on a spider web walk and look for spiderwebs. David practiced his phonics, numbers, and addition again. I read another chapter in the Abraham Lincoln book to David. We played penny store where I labeled items with different amounts no larger than 15 cents and David tried to see what he could count and buy in the store. It was a very cold day today and I hope to see signs of spring soon!


  1. Ms Kristy I have added your blog to the group, and your blog to my blogroll. To visit the other members just click each one under the Blogging For Fun Blogroll section on my blog. I am putting the picture with the puppy on our homeschool site. Is it OK if I share it on my blog, it came out so cute?

  2. Thank you Ms. Melissa! That is perfectly fine with me to put the pic of the puppy on the homeschool site and blog. I can't wait to see the pics. I will start clicking on other members on the blogroll and see how many members I can visit. Thanks again!

  3. Ok Ms Kristy I will put the picture on my blog tomorrow. If you go to the group homepage, it is under pictures. I tried to send it via email, but for some reason it would not let me.