Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back to schedule

I have been off in posting the last two days of our homeschool. So, now I am back to schedule. It has just been busy and I was unable to post. Today, we continued our phonics and number practice. We counted paper bones up to 10. We also did our first subtraction problem today. We did 2 - 1 = 1 with the paper bones. David did some practice worksheets on the letter L and the number 0. For arts and crafts, David drew a picture of his face on construction paper and included all of his facial features. David also did a fill in the missing letter worksheet for the alphabet. We did order of objects with David's blocks. I read a book about Spring to David. It was about bears who hibernate for the winter and wait for spring. We then built a bear's den in the living room using two chairs and a big blanket and David got in his makeshift bear's den with his stuffed animal bears and pretended to hibernate. It was a fun activity for him and helped him see how bears have to hibernate until Spring. We also learned about home safety and what to do if a stranger approaches you at the park or anyhwere else. I read a book on safety which showed different scenarios of what could happen in certain situations. The last thing we did was lay outside on a blanket and look for clouds that were in the shape of animals. We had no luck as it is very overcast and rainy looking today. So, we will try that again on the next sunny with clouds day we have. Have a great day everyone.


  1. Yeah you gotta wait for those nice big fat fluffy clouds, for the fun animals. I all is well.

  2. Yes, you do! I think we might have better luck tomorrow or the next day. I hope you are doing well too.