Friday, February 19, 2010

No Bugs

We went on our bug walk this morning and could not find one bug to catch in our jar. The cold weather has killed everything off. We didn't even see one spiderweb. So, I guess the bug walk should be postponed until spring arrives. I am looking forward to butterflies and bugs after all this cold weather we have had recently. David practiced his phonics and letter recognition. He also counted with pennies and did a few addition problems with them. I had some worksheet pages for David to do for printing practice and addition practice. David drew a bunny rabbit and colored it all in too. We will be watching the Velveteen Rabbit in a little bit because we learned some about bunny rabbits this week. David will also make a cottonball rabbit on construction paper and give it a name. We will also make an ant farm today in a jar. We are hoping in a few days we will get to see all the tunnels they make so David can learn how they make their homes. As usual on Friday we will go to the library to check out more books for our homeschool next week. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Ms Kristy the ant farm you will see them start tunneling almost instantly. It is very cool.

  2. Yes, it was so very cool Ms. Melissa. They did start tunneling within a few minutes. David was amazed! Isn't homeschooling great?! I love doing hands-on stuff like this with David.