Thursday, February 18, 2010

Insects and Playgroup

We had a very fun start to our day as we had our playgroup that we are a part of come to our house for some fun and food. The kids played and had a blast together. It was so much fun! After everyone left, we did homeschool in the afternoon. We were supposed to collect some bugs today for our bug jar but will do that tomorrow. Our plan is also to make an ant farm from a jar so David can see how the ants make their homes with tunnels. I did some flashcard practice with David on the alphabet letters. David did some printing practice for several alphabet letters. He also did some counting practice with pennies. I finished reading the last two chapters in the Abraham Lincoln book. We learned some interesting facts about insects and that there are so many different kinds that we could never count them all. There was some phonics practice today also and finally t-ball practice late in the afternoon for David. It was a busy day but a fun day.


  1. It was probably too cold for even bugs yesterday. We had a blast. Did you see the picture of the kids with the puppy?

  2. Yes, it was too cold for bugs. We tried looking this morning again with no luck. We didn't even find a spiderweb. This cold has really killed off everything. Thank goodness it will be in the low 70s this weekend. Yay! I have not seen the pic of the kids with the puppy. Is it on your blog?