Thursday, March 25, 2010

ABCs and Numbers

We read lots of books today about the alphabet and numbers. I had David write his uppercase letters on some lined paper. I then had him try to create his own dot to dot picture using 18 dots exactly. He also practiced writing his numbers. We watered our carrots and peas today and spent time outside playing and drawing with the sidewalk chalk again. The tomato seeds we planted a few weeks ago are finally sprouting. So, we are getting excited about planting a tomato plant in our Topsy Turvy planter. I can't wait to see how well it will do. I have several friends who have one and they said they were able to grow tomatoes very well in them so I am looking forward to growing lots of tomatoes this spring and summer. I hope everyone had a nice day.


  1. Ms Kristy where did you buy your Topsy Turvy? Walmart did not have any yesterday, they had some other kind. I did buy the other one, but I really want the Topsy Turvy. What a clever idea with the making his own dot to dot.

  2. Ms. Melissa...I bought my Topsy Turvy at Wal-Mart but they have them at Dollar General if you will check in there too. I just saw them there yesterday. Your Dollar General should have them too. If you can't find any I will pick one up for you and you can pay me later.