Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Day

We are having beautiful weather today. I think Spring has finally arrived! Today, David practiced his phonics and letters. We have made it all the way up to S so far and are learning letter sounds. There were some workbook pages that David did practicing letter and number writing. We also planted out carrot and pea seeds today and David is very excited that he is responsible for keeping up with his little garden we planted. Since the weather was so nice we went outside and David wrote his numbers 1-18 with sidewalk chalk on the cement. We also learned how the blood vessels work in our body and heart. I used the water hose outside to demonstrate what happens if our blood vessels get clogged by eating unhealthy. We took a nature walk and found some trees with some buds on them and little purple flowers blooming in our fields. It was fun and so nice to be outside doing things again than staying inside all the time. Tonight, we will read some books about Spring. Have a nice day everyone.


  1. Very cool way to make a point, and not make it sound complicated. It was beautiful yesterday.

  2. Thanks Ms. Melissa. It was so pretty yesterday. I hope it continues.