Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sea Creatures

What a beautiful sunny day it is today. We have been having a hard time today doing our homeschool studies without being distracted by the wonderful Spring weather that has arrived and is just begging us to go outside and be in it. LOL! Anyway, we did do homeschool today and studied more about the seashore and the sea creatures. David practiced doing his patterns today with blocks. We made an ocean scene on costruction paper with fish, sea plants, and other creatures. David used fingerpaints and sponge shapes to make the ocean scene. There was review of addition and one subtraction problem and also phonics review all the way up to letter Q. We will be reading some books later on this afternoon and playing outside today before the rain comes tomorrow.


  1. The subtractions always seems harder to grasp, than addition. It was nice yesterday.

  2. Yes, they do seem harder. It was very nice and I looking forward to the Spring weather we are expecting this weekend and in the upcoming week.